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  Open in new window   INGRID
UT Library Information System

  Open in new window   iTRANSLATOR dictionary
Dictionary: Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, etc.

  Open in new window   Krediidiinfo Ltd.
Credit Information Services. Gathering, processing and mediating credit information. Credit Reports on Baltic and Russian business entities. Direct Mailing Service and Market Information Service.

  Open in new window   Läänemaa Info
Läänemaa ettevõtted, firmad...

  Open in new window   Lemmikloomaregister.ee
Estonian pet register.

  Open in new window   National Examination and Qualification Centre
National Examination and Qualification Centre.

  Open in new window   Orpha.Net Estonia
European Comission\'s project for collectiong information in Estonia for pan-European database of rare diseases.

  Open in new window   Patriotic Pain Ltd.
Tattoo and airbrush.

  Open in new window   Phone Book

  Open in new window   Piletilevi
Tickets, data base of entertainments.

  Open in new window   Portraits in Tartu University Library
Portraits of persons who are/were connected with the University of Tartu.

  Open in new window   Register of Dental Care Institutions
Contact information of dentists and dental care institutions, information and price lists; observations of dental care services, message board for dentists.

  Open in new window   Riigi Teataja
Publishing department.

  Open in new window   Tasuja.ee
Baltic Credibility Facts Ltd. Free database of debtors.

  Open in new window   The documentation on car repairs
The documentation on car repairs

  Open in new window   TTU Library databases
Tallinn Technical University

  Open in new window   Virtual Herbarium
Systematic and alphabetic plants' catalogue in Estonian and Latin. Photos, wards, poisonous plants, herbs and dye plants. By Siiri Konks.

  Open in new window   Yericho and Ēatal Hüyük
Overview of first neolithic settlements in the Near East. By Tõnis Kimmel.

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