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  Open in new window   Desknote Estonia
Selling of laptops, accessories and software.

  Open in new window   Difi.net Infotechnology
Computers, infosystems, barcode equipment, design and web-design.

  Open in new window   Digimarket
Selling of computers.

  Open in new window   Elex Group Ltd.
Sale and service of information tehcnology.

  Open in new window   Esknet Ltd.
Personal computers. Notebooks. Networks. LCD projectors.

  Open in new window   Faun Trading Ltd.
Sale of computers and peripherials.

  Open in new window   Fleksont Ltd.
Computers, peripherials, hardware, software, accessories, harddrives, monitors.

  Open in new window   Freelevel
Computer training, maintenance and repair of computers, webdesign, offering of services.

  Open in new window   Futari PPC Ltd.
Office equipment sale, consumables, service.

  Open in new window   Geotime Ltd.
Sales of visual advertising technology and consumables.

  Open in new window   Hantarex Ltd.
Ricoh, Xerox and Hewlett Packard copiers, faxes, printers. Computers and -components.

  Open in new window   Helmes Ltd.
Network design and installations, network infrastructure services, enterprise software systems and systems design.

  Open in new window   Hotspot LLC
Notebooks and accessories.

  Open in new window   HT Comp
Computer maintenance, contracts.

  Open in new window   IM Computers Ltd.
Official distributor of Apple Computer in Estonia.

  Open in new window   Inforing Ltd
Computers and accessories. Developing and maintaining networks.

  Open in new window   Intra Net Systems Ltd.
Computers, networks, information systems - selling, services, consulting. Web hosting and designing.

  Open in new window   IT & Multimedia importer
The main activity of YEInternational AS is retail sale and wholesale for IT and electronics components

  Open in new window   ITEX Consulting
IT and software audit, helpdesk, integration and development, selling of hardware and software; consulting.

  Open in new window   ITmees.ee
IT services, support, help; selling of computers; designing of web pages.

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