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  Open in new window   http://history.estmetal.ee

  Open in new window   Academic History Society
Past, present, membership, administration, statute.

  Open in new window   Baltic Chain 1989-1999
Background and history of the Baltic Chain (23/08/89) manifestation, including photo, video, audio and text archives.

  Open in new window   Captain Hugo Jürgenson
Pictures from the reopening of the captain Hugo Jürgenson's monument.

  Open in new window   Chair of Archaeology
Information and contact.

  Open in new window   Estonian Family History Forum
Questions and answers regarding Estonian family history.

  Open in new window   Estonian Historical Archives

  Open in new window   Estonian History Museum
A museum about Estonia\'s history.

  Open in new window   Estonians serving in German Army 1941 - 1945
Information about Estonian units and leaders in service of German Army during the Second World War.

  Open in new window   Front-Line
millitary history club

  Open in new window   Joseph Stalin
Biography and works. Full text of the book "On dialectical and historical materialism".

  Open in new window   Militaar.net
Read and write memories and data about former Soviet armed forces. About arms, battles, wars, etc. Chatroom, talker, message board.

  Open in new window   Military web
Military relates website.

  Open in new window   Museum of Ocupation
Kistler-Ritso Estonia Foundation. Introduction, overviews, bibliography, lists, printings, photos, contact etc.

  Open in new window   Narrow gauge
Narrow gauge - history, railway, train, locomotive, wagon, fortress railway.

  Open in new window   Narva 1944
Second World War. Uniform, battle archeology, uniform, links, etc.

  Open in new window   National Heritage Board
The webpage of the Estonian National Heritage Board.

  Open in new window   RMS Titanic
History of legendary cruiseship, sinking, research and movie about.

  Open in new window   Submarine Lembit
Photos of submarine Lembit by Mehis Kontus.

  Open in new window   Teine Maailmasõda
About the Second World War.

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