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  Open in new window   Andevis Ltd.
Design and development of client-server applications, design of installation of the computer\'s networks and sale of computer engineering.

  Open in new window   A+ CMS
Selling of content management software.

  Open in new window   AarNet Ltd.
Selling and maintenance of computers, hardware, software, etc.

  Open in new window   AK Süsteemid Ltd.
Forming, completing, maintenance and development of information systems.

  Open in new window   ALL-TEC Groupwork Suite
A moduern groupwork scheduling suite - calender, reminders, document maintenane for small enterprisers.

  Open in new window   Almic Ltd.
IT services and programming.

  Open in new window   Alphagis Ltd.
GIS development, GIS and mapping software sales, ESRI products.

  Open in new window   Amandus Tehnoloogia Ltd.
Software development.

  Open in new window   Amphora Ltd.
Document management, client relations management (CRM), project management.

  Open in new window   Andmevara Ltd.
Developing information systems, analyzing and mapping business processes and information systems.

  Open in new window   Arutec Ltd
Autodesk CAD/GIS software, Discreet, Novapoint, Strusoft, programming, tutorials.

  Open in new window   Aspit.com
Software service, software.

  Open in new window   Baltic Computer Systems Ltd.
Development, implementation and maintenance of information technology applications.

  Open in new window   Borthwick-Pignon Ltd.
Software development and verification.

  Open in new window   BPW Consulting
Systems analysis, software project management, business process analysis and modelling, management and supervision of software projects.

  Open in new window   Business IT Partner
Software development

  Open in new window   CargoWiz
Cargo Layout Software. Illimar Paul.

  Open in new window   CATz Soft Ltd.
Software development company.

  Open in new window   Codewiser Ltd.
Custom programming services and software development.

  Open in new window   CSA Partners
Legal consultations and software for listed companies to manage insiders & inside information cases.

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